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New song! This is my first official home recording (engineered and mixed myself) and indicates one of many new directions in which I’m taking Paperback Scrawl. 

Very productive night recording… I’m excited to have this song completed. 

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This is a cover of the outtro to Panic at the Disco’s Nine In The Afternoon that I whipped up in Garage Band today. Protip: Trying to make a bunch of different takes of you clapping sound like a group of people clapping is not possible. 

Thank-you video to everyone who bought The Engagement EP! Bonus: footage of our engagement (filmed by the amazing Jered Scott) at the end. 

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My buddy Andy and I had an hour to kill so we decided to quickly cover this chorus, with me on all five vocal parts. I learned/interpreted the parts by ear so forgive me if they’re not perfect, oh great and knowledgeable 1D fanbase. 

(ahem also note I did not properly warm up my voice, dem high notes is STRAINED but idgaf)


This time it’s Story Of My Life, featuring Patrick on the harmonies and such. 

My old friend Melanie and I covered One Direction’s new song Strong. Go buy One Direction’s album Midnight Memories. It’s A+ Fifty Gold Stars Quality Pop Music. 

Paperback Scrawl - Talk Is Cheap (I Love Her Tonight)
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Because it’s Christmas, and because of all your generous donations so far, I am giving away my latest EP The Engagement away for FREE for the entire month of December! “WHAT THAT’S CRAZY” No it’s not, concerned citizen, it’s just the Holiday Spirit now get on board. 

Bad hair day except it’s kinda david tennant-y though. #savetheday

Bad hair day except it’s kinda david tennant-y though. #savetheday

Just some shirtless Zayn, no biggie. #dailyacappella #onedirection #zaynmalik